Arayo applies in-depth industry know-how and leverages an extensive network of high level contacts:

• In the process of defining the requested services to the clients, Arayo uses its broad and detailed knowledge of the satellite, communication and media industries

• By using an extensive network of contacts established in these industries over many years, Arayo is able to offer added value to the clients

The clients and partners of Arayo are based in Europe, Asia, North - and South America and belong to the most prominent players in their respective markets.

In addition to providing management consultancy services, Arayo also takes participations in certain select companies which are active in broadcasting, IPTV and satellite communications. Here it also uses its network of established contacts in the relevant industries to identify promising investment opportunities.

Besides making an investment in such companies, Arayo actively provides management support on an ongoing basis to help deliver growth and development of its products and services.